Technology | Our machinery park enables us to achieve top-notch results.


In production, we have a proven and well-established machinery park, with which we master CTP, printing, and bookbinding technologies to perfection. By implementing lean production and optimal utilization of production capacities, we have achieved improved efficiency and reduced losses in production activities.

The quality of our services and products is ensured by the Bureau Veritas certification:

We perform offset printing with the latest technology in one, two, four, and multicolor techniques.

We print with multicolor Heidelberg machines, which guarantee high quality and reliability. All printing machines are equipped with a turner, allowing for fast and high-quality double-sided printing. The paper and cardboard weight range from 60g to 350g


  • CTP - SCREEN PT-R 8800 2



  • Paper cutting machine - Perfecta SEY115-3
  • 5-color printing press HEIDELBERG SM 102-5 year 2013
  • 5-color printing press HEIDELBERG SM 102-5-P3 year 2000 2/3 printing option
  • 4-color printing press HEIDELBERG CD 74-4-P-C year 2006 2/2 printing option
  • 2-color printing press HEIDELBERG GTOZ 52

We have our own bookbinding workshop and produce all kinds of printed materials such as brochures, newspapers, books, magazines, leaflets... and other paper or cardboard printed materials. We can also enhance products with special techniques such as UV coating, foil stamping, embossing and die-cutting.



  • Paper cutting machine – Wohlenberg 115
  • Folding machine - MBO
  • Folding machine – Stahl
  • Folding machine – HEIDELBERG formatB1 + folding palamides
  • Folding machine – Marthias Bauerile / Prestige FOLD NET 52
  • Finishing machine - HEIDELBERG Cilinder 82
  • A machine for gluing joint sheets – COLLMATIC Aleksia
  • Machine for magazine binding – DUPLO DBM600
  • Machine for sanding (manual feeding) HORIZONT BQ 470
  • Machine for cutting book blocks – WOHLEMBERG TrimTec 300
  • Saddle stitching line Kolbus KM600  with brochure binding line ZU832  (18 workstations)
  • Hardcover binding line STAHL
  • Thread sewing machine ASTROMIC
  • Thread sewing machine ASTER 220SA